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textwolf::charset::UCS4LE Class Reference

UCS-4 little endian character set encoding. More...

#include <charset_ucs.hpp>

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textwolf::charset::UCS4< ByteOrder::LE >

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- Static Public Member Functions inherited from textwolf::charset::UCS4< ByteOrder::LE >
static void fetchbytes (char *buf, unsigned int &bufpos, Iterator &itr)
 See template<class Iterator>Interface::fetchbytes(char*,unsigned int&,Iterator&) More...
static UChar value (char *buf, unsigned int &bufpos, Iterator &itr)
 See template<class Iterator>Interface::value(char*,unsigned int&,Iterator&) More...
static void skip (char *, unsigned int &bufpos, Iterator &itr)
 See template<class Iterator>Interface::skip(char*,unsigned int&,Iterator&) More...
static signed char asciichar (char *buf, unsigned int &bufpos, Iterator &itr)
 See template<class Iterator>Interface::asciichar(char*,unsigned int&,Iterator&) More...
static void print (UChar chr, Buffer_ &buf)
 See template<class Buffer>Interface::print(UChar,Buffer&) More...
static bool is_equal (const UCS4 &, const UCS4 &)
 See template<class Buffer>Interface::is_equal( const Interface&, const Interface&) More...

Detailed Description

UCS-4 little endian character set encoding.

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