textwolf  0.2
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  o*char.hppDefinition of unicode characters
  o*charset.hppCharacter set encodings already implemented in textwolf
  o*charset_interface.hppInterface that describes what a character set encoding implementation has to define to be used as character set template parameter for textwolf
  o*charset_isolatin.hppDefinition of IsoLatin encodings
  o*charset_ucs.hppDefinition of UCS-2/UCS-4 encodings
  o*charset_utf16.hppDefinition of UTF-16 encodings
  o*charset_utf8.hppDefinition of UTF-8 encoding
  o*codepages.hppDefinition of IsoLatin code pages
  o*cstringiterator.hppTextwolf iterator on strings
  o*exception.hppDefinition of exceptions with containing error codes thrown by textwolf
  o*istreamiterator.hppDefinition of iterators for textwolf on an input stream class
  o*position.hppDefinition of position number in source
  o*sourceiterator.hppTextwolf byte source iterator template
  o*staticbuffer.hppFixed size buffer fulfilling the requirement of a back insertion sequence needed for textwolf output
  o*textscanner.hppImplementation of iterator for character-wise parsing of input
  o*traits.hppType traits
  o*version.hppTextwolf API version definition
  o*xmlhdrparser.hppClass for parsing the header to get the character set encoding
  o*xmlpathautomaton.hppAutomaton to select path expressions from an XML iterator
  o*xmlpathautomatonparse.hppParser to create a path expression selector automaton from a source (list of path expression in abbreviated syntax of xpath)
  o*xmlpathselect.hppContext of running automaton selecting path expressions from an XML iterator
  o*xmlprinter.hppXML printer interface hiding character encoding properties
  o*xmlscanner.hppXML parser iterator interface for processing the XML elements one by one
  \*xmltagstack.hppTextwolf XML printer tag stack