textwolf  0.2
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char.hpp File Reference

Definition of unicode characters. More...

#include <cstddef>
#include <stdint.h>

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class  textwolf::CharMap< RESTYPE, nullvalue_, RANGE >
 Character map for fast typing of a character byte. More...
class  textwolf::ControlCharacterM
 Map of the enumeration of control characters to their names for debug messages. More...


 Toplevel namespace of the library.


typedef uint32_t textwolf::UChar
 Unicode character type. More...
typedef uint64_t textwolf::EChar


enum  textwolf::ControlCharacter {
  textwolf::Undef =0, textwolf::EndOfText, textwolf::EndOfLine, textwolf::Cntrl,
  textwolf::Space, textwolf::Amp, textwolf::Lt, textwolf::Equal,
  textwolf::Gt, textwolf::Slash, textwolf::Dash, textwolf::Exclam,
  textwolf::Questm, textwolf::Sq, textwolf::Dq, textwolf::Osb,
  textwolf::Csb, textwolf::Any
 Enumeration of control characters needed as events for XML scanner statemachine. More...
enum  { textwolf::NofControlCharacter =18 }

Detailed Description

Definition of unicode characters.