strusRpc  0.17

The project strusRpc provides a proxy interface to StorageObjectBuilderInterface and AnalyzerObjectBuilderInterface and all the objects created from these interfaces. The calls to these interfaces are forwarded via a proprietary RPC protocol to an rpcServer process. With RPC you can use strus in the context of a webserver, where objects should not persist beyond a single connection. It also allow to obey the rules of a webserver, that may not allow the loading of modules not declared in the webserver configuration.

How to use RPC in a client

The strus RPC client interface is constructed by calling the function createRpcClient (rpc_client.hpp) with a message handler object RpcClientMessagingInterface as parameter. The message handler based on sockets can be created by calling the function createRpcClientMessaging (rpc_client_socket.hpp).

How to start the rpc server

The program strusRpcServer implements the rpc server. See the man pages or use the option -h to get the possible options of the program.