strus  0.17
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCstrus::AclReaderInterfaceInterface for accessing document attributes from a strus storage
oCstrus::AttributeReaderInterfaceInterface for accessing document attributes from a strus storage
oCstrus::ConstantsSome reserved global constants that document some dependencies (hacks) that did not get yet into interfaces (and probably never will)
oCstrus::DatabaseBackupCursorInterfaceDatabase cursor interface that can be used for backup
oCstrus::DatabaseClientInterfaceInterface for accessing the strus key value storage database
oCstrus::DatabaseCursorInterfaceInterface to database cursor
oCstrus::DatabaseInterfaceInterface to the create,destroy the key value store database
oCstrus::DatabaseOptionsStructure for passing some options to the strus key value storage database
oCstrus::DatabaseTransactionInterfaceInterface for transactions for writing on the strus key value storage database
oCstrus::PostingJoinOperatorInterface::DescriptionStructure that describes the join operator
oCstrus::DocumentTermIteratorInterfaceStructure that allows to iterate on document term occurrencies
oCstrus::QueryEvalInterface::FeatureParameterStructure that describes a feature that is subject of summarization or weighting
oCstrus::ForwardIteratorInterfaceIterator on the forward index mapping occurrencies to the terms inserted
oCstrus::FunctionDescriptionStructure that describes a function (weighting or summarizer function) for introspection
oCstrus::GlobalStatisticsGlobal document statistics, if passed down with the query
oCstrus::InvAclIteratorInterfaceIterator of sets of documents used to implement ACL access restrictions
oCstrus::MetaDataReaderInterfaceInterface for accessing meta data from a strus storage
oCstrus::MetaDataRestrictionInstanceInterfaceClass for building up a metadata restriction
oCstrus::MetaDataRestrictionInterfaceClass for building up a metadata restriction
oCstrus::FunctionDescription::ParameterStructure that describes a parameter
oCstrus::PostingIteratorInterfaceStructure that represents a set of feature occurrencies (postings) as iterator
oCstrus::PostingJoinOperatorInterfaceInterface for creating iterators on joined sets of postings
oCstrus::QueryEvalInterfaceDefines a query evaluation scheme
oCstrus::QueryInterfaceDefines a strus information retrieval query
oCstrus::QueryProcessorInterfaceDefines all object instances involved in query evaluation addressable by name
oCstrus::QueryResultStructure defining the result of a strus query
oCstrus::ScalarFunctionInstanceInterfaceInterface for parameterizing a scalar function
oCstrus::ScalarFunctionInterfaceInterface for a scalar function type
oCstrus::ScalarFunctionParserInterfaceInterface for parsing scalar function definitions
oCstrus::DatabaseCursorInterface::SliceChunk data structure without ownership for keys and values of the database cursor
oCstrus::StatisticsBuilderInterfaceInterface for a builder for a statistics message (distributed index)
oCstrus::StatisticsIteratorInterfaceInterface for an iterator on statistics
oCstrus::StatisticsProcessorInterfaceInterface for packing/unpacking messages with statistics used for query evaluation
oCstrus::StatisticsViewerInterfaceInterface for a viewer of a statistics message (distributed index)
oCstrus::StorageAlterMetaDataTableInterfaceInterface to declare changes in the meta data table structure of the storage
oCstrus::StorageClientInterfaceInterface of a strus IR storage
oCstrus::StorageDocumentInterfaceObject to declare all items for one insert/replace of a document in the storage
oCstrus::StorageDocumentUpdateInterfaceObject to declare the items for an update of a document in the storage
oCstrus::StorageDumpInterfaceInterface for fetching the dump of a strus IR storage
oCstrus::StorageInterfaceInterface to the create and alter a storage for strus
oCstrus::StorageObjectBuilderInterfaceInterface providing a mechanism to create complex multi component objects for the storage and the query evaluation
oCstrus::StorageTransactionInterfaceObject to declare all items for one insert/update of a document in the storage
oCstrus::StructIteratorInterfaceStructure that represents relations of position info index ranges (directed graph) per document
oCstrus::SummarizationVariableStructure describing a variable referencing a named match of a subexpression. Variables are attached to features used for summarization
oCstrus::SummarizerFunctionContextInterfaceInterface for the summarization execution context
oCstrus::SummarizerFunctionInstanceInterfaceInterface for a parameterized instance of summarization
oCstrus::SummarizerFunctionInterfaceInterface for summarization functions (additional info about the matches in the result ranklist of a retrieval query)
oCstrus::SummaryElementOne result element of summarization
oCstrus::TermStatisticsGlobal term statistics, if passed down with the query
oCstrus::TermStatisticsChangeStructure describing the change of statistics of one term in the collection
oCstrus::ValueIteratorInterfaceStructure that represents a set of strings as iterator
oCstrus::VectorQueryResultResult of a vector similarity search (associated feature value with weight)
oCstrus::VectorStorageClientInterfaceInterface to a repository for vectors representing word embeddings
oCstrus::VectorStorageDumpInterfaceInterface for fetching the dump of a strus vector storage
oCstrus::VectorStorageInterfaceInterface for storing an retrieving vectors of floating point numbers representing word embeddings
oCstrus::VectorStorageTransactionInterfaceInterface for building a repository of vectors with classifiers to map them to discrete features
oCstrus::WeightedDocumentPure ranking result of a strus query without the attributes
|\Cstrus::ResultDocumentStructure defining one result element of a strus query
oCstrus::WeightingFunctionContextInterfaceInterface for a weighting function with its state and context used during calculation
oCstrus::WeightingFunctionInstanceInterfaceInterface for a parameterized weighting function instance
\Cstrus::WeightingFunctionInterfaceInterface for a weighting function that can be used for ranking in the query evaluation